Traveler 'O' Trinket Sunshine Caravan Trinket Dish

Traveler 'O' Trinket Sunshine Caravan Trinket Dish


3d printed and hand finished Caravan trinket dish.  Quirky and functional.  Non scratch and durable.  Perfect for keeping your treasures, coins, jewellery or even M&Ms to serve (dry food only)!  They also look great on any tabletop/bedside but also good for your wall or any ledge.

3d printed, painted and Hand coated with resin.  It can be connected with the Traveler 'O' Trinket Ice Cream van Dish.  Listing is for one yellow caravan only. 

'Cabinet of the Everyday' collection celebrates the everyday objects - from architecture to infinite play and this caravan is inspired by the many Australian dreams.

Overall Height: 91mm
Width : 160mm
Depth : 12mm

Designed and made by hand in our Melbourne studio.


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This product is made to order.  Please be aware that these products are individually 3d printed, hand finished and painted making each piece slightly different and unique to own.  That's the beauty of handmade, isn't it?

Product care :  Only clean with damp cloth.  Our trinket dishes are coated in layers of resin for waterproof protection, however please do not use them in a microwave and do not place them in a dishwasher.  Give them lots of love and care!