Double Layers Salad Burger Trinket Box

Double Layers Salad Burger Trinket Box


This 3d printed and hand finished guilt free burger is super fun and functional! It's great for kids as they don't shatter like ceramics. 

They are perfect for storing your treasures, jewellery, sewing and embroidery or even your glitter! They look good on any tabletop, shelf, vanity table/ kitchen. Simply display it to show your love for BURGERRR, perfect if you have cravings for junk food yet don't want to put those extra calories on! 

This particular piece is handpainted and decorated with mayo, patty, a slice of cheese and two layers or SALAD and of course some of our signature pink sauce (to replace ketchup) and of course with sesame toppings, yay!  You also get a lunch box packaging with this yummy creation. 

'Cabinet of the Everyday' collection celebrates the everyday objects - from architecture to infinite play. Patrick and I used to eat a lot of burger and fries in uni days when doing all-nighter and we miss that. What's better than handmade them to satisfy our cravings while watching our weight and health? 

Height: 60mm
Width : 100mm
Box Depth : 28mm

This listing is for one Double layers salad Burger trinket box only. Only clean with damp cloth. Please note that this creation is not edible and non of the "ingredients" mentioned are real. It's made to order and there might be a slight difference to what's shown, that's what makes handmade items great! 

Designed and handmade in Melbourne, Australia

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