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Unit 40/91 Moreland Street
Footscray, VIC, 3011

MIMAW is an ‘Ideas-based’ design and making studio. We operate in the intersection of craft, design and technology.


MIMAW was approached to create three customised NOH masks for NOH Japanese measuring approximately 500x300x150mm each. Merging the high tech capabilities of small scale 3d printing and good old fashioned hand assembly, priming, painting and finishing – each mask comprised of 20 printed components with a total print time of 140+ hours.<br>

Each of the mask’s components was digitally set-up to avoid secondary support structures enabling us to minimize material wastage and to speed up print time.<br>

The masks gave us an opportunity to explore different finishing techniques to generate a continuous surface eliminating joint lines – an issue that has held us back in printing large scale projects in the past and a continuing limitation of current 3d printers.