3d program experimentation

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing things because we’re curious and curiosity keep leading us down new paths.
— Disney

While I was doing MIMAWism project, I wondered if there was any other programs which I can learn - all so our animations could expand into something more magical.  Thinking back, I have always wondered how are animations made, it can't all be hand drawn, technology must have helped too. 

Being always curious about things, I went on a search and I found one that would suit what I need and it's a free program!!  Downloaded it and started learning, definitely not the easiest thing but I'm so glad and grateful for this program! 

Started learning on the 1st of October.  A couple of my tests are below.  I have also uploaded some videos on my Instagram video, you might have watched them.  I have not always have successful tests with this program, it took me a so long to figure things out.  Google has been my great friend. 

test compostiing.jpg